Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Could be the Start of Something Big!

The visioning process has begun for embRACE theSTREET, a Build A Better Block project located in the 2800-2900 block of Race Street in Riverside, just northeast of downtown Fort Worth. Nearly 20 members of the Production Team* recently met for a walk-through of the area. Enthusiastic discussions about landscaping, parking, a community garden, pedestrian crosswalks, a dog park, pop-up galleries, food vendors, a bookstore-cafe, bike lanes and more, set the stage for a collective vision to transform Race Street into an arts and entertainment destination identified as the Riverside Arts District.

For more information, find us on Facebook -- Like Us! and send us an email at betterblock.racestreetfw@gmail.com if you would like to help transform Race Street. It has already been determined that this project will be fun!

*Production Team members live and work in various neighborhoods throughout Fort Worth. They include architects, planners, master gardeners, artists, property owners, neighborhood leaders, and community volunteers who care about the future of Riverside and understand the impact revitalization can have on this area.

Debby Stein
Production Team Leader

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  1. did another walk thru with debby and wendy vann today --- attempting to get a grasp on how to best use that back area. ideas were flying. i'm anxious to see what wendy comes up with in a drawing. stay tuned for some meeting dates....including a clean-up date in june! terri