Monday, May 14, 2012


I had great fun sharing information about embRACE theSTREET with members of the Carter-Riverside Neighborhood Association last Wednesday night. Lots of conversation after my presentation led me to believe members of the association were almost as excited about this project as I am. Terri McIlraith, president of the association, is definitely excited. Check out her posts on our Better Block Facebook Page! Terri has already brought great ideas and many great people from the neighborhoods to the project.

Better Block is a grassroots effort that can only be successful when community support is the driving force for change. It's not just a neighborhood project -- it's a community project that is important to, and supported by, individuals and organizations across Fort Worth. It's a project that brings hope for revitalization, vitality, and economic growth to a specified area while radiating a spirit of community throughout the city.

I look forward to meeting with more neighborhood associations about this project. And renewing old friendships. As I was about to begin my presentation at the Carter-Riverside meeting, someone in the audience caught my attention...someone I hadn't seen in years. Teresa and her sister sat behind my family at TCU basketball home games. For me, going to the games was more about seeing "the sisters" than about the team. Now Teresa and her mother are going to help develop embRACE theSTREET. People definitely make this process fun! And it's only going to get better as we get closer to our September kick-off dates.

Please let us know if you live in a neighborhood in Riverside, or in any other neighborhood in the city, and want to get involved (no experience necessary), or your neighborhood association would like a presentation about the project.

Everyone is welcome to matter where you live. If you are unable to help produce this event, join us on Race Street September 8-9 to enjoy it!

Debby Stein
Production Team Leader

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